Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations 


Code of Conduct :



  • We ask all our pilots to have fun. The Unofficial Virtual South African Air Force was established for people who have a passion for The Real South African Air Force and also flying and flight sim. While having fun we also ask that you please follow the following set of rules:


Flying for other Virtual Airlines:

  • Please do not feel restricted to just fly with us, you are more than welcome to join any other virtual airline/Air force


Flight Requirements :

  • You have to be a registered member of the UVSAAF site as well as the FSWorld site.
  • We urge all our pilots to fly at least once per month. We know that it is difficult for some people to fly on a regular basis, but we need to make sure that the Air Force stays active and that certain essential duties get fulfilled. If you cannot comply with this request, please put in for leave in a written email to either one of the following people using the MailBAG system above :

      Brigadier General Gareth Robb 

      Brigadier General Jacobs

  • All VSAAF flights need to be logged on the PIREP system using either the KCARS system or manual PIREPS on the site itself. No flight or flight hours will be valid or considered a flight for the VSAAF if this is not done.
  • All flights always need to be in sequence, for example, if you fly your Gripen C from Makhado AFB to Waterkloof AFB, then your next flight with your Gripen C needs to be from Waterkloof AFB, because that is where you last landed with it. You can not just start your next flight from a different base
  • If you are deployed to an area, you also need to fly your aircraft to the deployment area, unless otherwise stipulated that your aircraft will be transported there. After deployment you need to fly your aircraft back again.
  • You are only allowed to fly the aircraft that you have qualified on and have flown up to your current aircraft. For example, if you are currently on Gripens, then you can fly all aircraft that you have flown to get to the Gripen, PC-7, Hawk, and Gripen……obviously all pilots who have earned there fixed wing, wings, can fly the Cessna’s


Flight Schedules:

  • Please pay very carefull attention to the following procedures to log flights on the PIREP system.
  • Each active aircraft of every Squadron has got 1 schedule set up for it. This schedule will always be used to fly that specific aircraft, as the aircraft is booked out for that schedule.
  • The "Departure" and "Arrival" airports on each schedule is the base the aircraft is based at. All times on the schedules are set to "00:00". So no set times are on the schedules.
  • Each schedules is basically like free flight.
  • The Schedule merely just exists to book out the aircraft and log your hours.
  • Example: If you want to fly Cheetah D with registration number ZS-CD2, then you will use flight schedule number TWOCH06 to do your flight.
  • If you are submitting your PIREP manually through the site, then you will obviously bid on the flight schedule TWOCH06 and then go to your bids. Then submit, it will then give you a window with the flight schedule detail, you will then just change the departure airport and destination airport accordingly, using the drop down options and obviously you will have to enter your flight time manually to and submit. 
  • If you are using Kcars to automatically submit your flight, then follow normal setup procedure on Kcars with the schedule number, but after the flight is done and you need to submit, change your flight type to "Charter Flight" and it will give you the options to adjust your departure and destination detail like on the manual submition. After you have changed that, you can submit.
  • This is not applicable to Central Flying School and 87th Helicopter Flying School, your schedules still continue as on your training package.
  • Please remember, you can not Time Compress your flights when using Kacars. Otherwise it will record the time spent on flight sim and not the actual flight time. If for long haul flights you want or need to time compress, you have to submit your PIREP manually. We prefer you not to time compress when doing flights less then 2 hours.
  •  We ask that all pilots at all times, please place comments when submitting a PIREP. We need that information to be able to establish weather we approve or reject your PIREP. Should there be no full comments indicating reason for flight, your PIREP will be rejected. 

Operations and Missions:

  • From time to time the UVSAAF will partake in Operations and missions. We as that all Pilots always adhere to the instructions given on the Operations Order given through by the Operations and Planning Officer.
  • Usually flights are free on the UVSAAF, but when an Operation is in place, and you are part of it, flights are only authorized as indicated on the Operations order. All other flights will bee rejected, should you submit any other PIREP.

Air Shows:

  • From time to time Air Shows will be held. All pilots are welcome to do a display, although certain aircraft are pre-allocated to certain pilots within the VSAAF. (Please see “Display Pilots” page on main site)
  • Any aircraft then not allocated by VSAAF to fly in the show, can be flown by any pilot, if that pilot is qualified to do so.
  • All aircraft participating need to be flown out to the air show location, if they are not based at the air show location. You can not just do your display at the air show without flying out to the location.
  • Private aircraft, like other Virtual airlines aircraft are also allowed.
  • All displays need to be logged on the PIREP system. If your flight is not on the schedule, please inform us to add it for you.


Aircraft and Liveries:

  • Only aircraft within the VSAAF fleet are to be used at all times.
  • Only current liveries as used by the real SAAF are to be used on all aircraft. (Unless otherwise authorized by Air Command)

Online flying

UVSAAF recently joined Vatsim, and Fly Africa Virtual online, and will in the future conduct exersizes, sorties etc online as well. There is a few rules and regulations that comes with that. Please make sure you follow the rules. Visit the Procedures page for more info

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